Telangana which was fighting with Andhra Pradesh over the power allocations changed its stance now. Recently ERC stated that Telangana’s power struggle should end if 500MW Power is allotted to it by Andhra Pradesh or the Central government. Telangana liked the idea of obtaining power from Central government as it does not want to play in to the hands of the neighbouring state.

In case of obtaining Power from AP, there is always a danger of stopping the power whenever there is a controversy between the two states. Also there is excess power with Union government, getting power from it will be a passable solution to every one. This solution will ensure that every one will use the power produced in their own territories. From the last 2 months usage, it is observed that there is a power shortage of 7.37% per day in AP and 10.24% per day in Telangana. We will have to see how the Central government will react to this proposal!