Telangana, Telangana New Districts, Telangana New Districts Status, Telangana New Districts Expense, Telangana New Districts Cost Telangana government’s plan to increase the existing number of districts from 10 to 25, seem to be bringing up unforeseen challenges and unwanted expenditure. The Forum for Good Governance, a city-based NGO said that the decision to create more districts was taken in a hurry with out any scientific analysis.

They say it can be easily avoided considering that e-government was successfully providing efficient services to the people of the State. They say the employment creation with these districts will only create new jobs at the cadre of class 4 and ministerial services, that too for a limited number of people.

State Government is spending close to Rs. 70 lakh per annum for administration, mostly for salaries in every district of the state. If new districts were created the same expenditure was likely to go up steeply. More over the districts creations will lead to the short come of IAS officers and IPS officers needed to lead the administration.