Telangana Can Not Reduce Taxes on FuelFuel Prices in the country are at the all-time highest ever. The Central Government which has hiked the Excise Duty when International Crude Prices are lower to ensure that the benefit is not passed on to the end customers is not decreasing it when prices are on a rise.

Center is passing the buck to the states asking them to decrease the VAT on the Fuel. But then, Telangana Finance Minister Eetela Rajendra refused such decision whatsoever and asked the Center to rise up to the occasion.

“State will not reduce VAT & entry tax on fuel. Tax on liquor & fuel is the only source of income for the state. Telangana is a new state, can’t lose this income. Says center should rise up to the occasion,” Eetela said. Rumours are that AP Government is considering a decrease of 2 Rupees Per Liter.