Telangana-BJP-Inducing-Film-Glamour---Reshma-RathodeSmall Time Actress Reshma Rathode may be the BJP MP Candidate from Mahabubabad in 2019 elections. Reshma who is a native of Illendu from Khammam district has joined the party recently and has started working in the constituency.

The party is yet to confirm her candidature. BJP in Telangana is trying to induce film glamour into the party. Only the last week, the party has admitted actress Madhavi Latha and she is also trying to position herself from an Assembly Segment.

On the other side, Amit Shah will shift his focus onto Telangana post-Karnataka results tomorrow. Already the team which worked in Tripura and ensured a sensational win for BJP is training the Booth-level workers of the party in the districts. Amit Shah will tour the state the next month.