COVID-19 - Vaccine Human TrialsUnion Health Ministry had hinted about a COVID-19 Vaccine in the next three to four months and the Telangana Government had started the preparation. Frontline Workers will be the first to receive the Vaccine whenever it is available.

The health department has started the process of identifying the first lot of frontline workers who will receive the Covid-19 vaccine. The list is being prepared by police, municipal administration, and other departments, who are actively involved in handling and treating Corona.

The state will also prepare large-scale facilities like fool-proof cold-chain management facilities, stocking consumables like injections, training health workers, etc needed for administration and capacity building for largescale vaccination.

The Health Department released a booklet with guidelines about the information on the procedure and protocols that are needed to be followed to identify the initial beneficiaries. WHO says it will be a major challenge for countries to vaccinate all of its citizens when the vaccine is available.