Telangana@7: No One Can Steal That From KCRToday marks the seventh anniversary of the Telangana State Formation. Due to the pandemic, it was a subdued celebration this year just like the last year. Seven years after the state formation, there have been not many changes in the political discourse of the Telangana credit.

With the advantage of spearheading the Telangana movement and being in power continues to be the poster boy of the state formation and is walking away with the most credit. The Principal Opposition, Congress continues to make the same claim of Telangana being the blessing of Sonia Gandhi.

BJP which is smelling an outside chance to come to power in Telangana reminds the people to remember how BJP helped the Telangana bill pass in the parliament. The arguments remained the same for seven years and like how they remained the same, the people’s perception is also unchanged.

KCR who took to the streets continues to be the poster boy of this biggest political achievement of our times. TRS may lose power now or later but the defeat will be based on KCR – the administrator while KCR – the leader of the Telangana agitation will continue to have his credit in the history books.