MadhuChandan ChikkadevaiahA software engineer in Bengaluru came up with an innovative idea to safe the farmers of a village, Mandya 100 Km away from the city. 37-year-old Madhu Chandan Chikkadevaiah, an IT professional living the life of dreams in California, but having roots in Mandya quit his job in August 2014 and came to Mandya.

He pooled in Once Crore from his friends and got Mandya Organic Farmers Cooperative Society. The local farmers were encouraged to take up Organic farmering and could sell their produce directly to Mandya Organic Shop with out any delays, negotiations, middlemen or disappointments.

The shop would sell organic products to travelers commuting on the Mandya Highway that connects Bengaluru and Mysuru. Very soon he is planning to start an organic restaurant next to the shop. The village once known for its farmers suicides, is now on the verge of becoming self reliant and debt free.