Techie Working In Amazon Commits Suicide In GachibowliA female software engineer has committed suicide in Gachibowli in the city.

According to local CI Gone Suresh, Kriti Sambyal (27) from Jammu and Kashmir has come to Gachibowli and is staying with two roommates at Sagar Gardenia apartment in Nanakramguda.

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She works as a Software Engineer at Amazon Company. One of the roommates left for Delhi two days ago while another young woman went to work on Wednesday.

In the afternoon, the other girl, the victim, sent a message to his friend Sachin Kumar that he was committing suicide when she was alone in the room.

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The friend immediately came and saw that the door was locked. The girl did not answer the phone.

He immediately phoned the other roommate and got the key to the flat. The door was open and the girl was seen hanging from the ceiling fan.

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She was rushed to a private hospital where he was pronounced dead. The exact reason for the suicide is not known.

A case has been registered by the local police station and the investigation is on. Her family in Jammu and Kashmir was informed.