tdp party abolishing liquor shopsAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is planning to abolish the current system of liquor business in the state and operate all the liquor shops in the state by the government itself. This idea which is successfully implemented in Tamil Nadu will not only bring additional income to the state but also avoid the menace of belt shops. Remember abolishing belt shops is one of the prime poll promises of the TDP government.

However this idea of Naidu is not going wel with the ruling party leaders. Liquor Shops are one of the prime sources of income for ruling parties leaders. Cutting down the license system and going for government run shops is like cutting the source of income for them. But Naidu is adamant on implementing the system at any cost as the state welfare takes the front seat.

In 2013-14, united AP earned Rs 7,500 crore from liquor sales. Since the bifurcation to December 2014, the excise revenue was Rs 2,810 crore against the target of Rs 2,791 crore in the 13 districts of the truncated state. In contrast, in 2013-14, the Tamil Nadu government filled its coffers with Rs 21,641 crore by taking over the liquor business. Some TDP leaders are trying to paint TN model as flawed to the Chief Minister saying that it will lead to massive corruption in the excise department.