TDP_YSRCP_Jagan_Chandrababu_Naidu_MLC_Elections_2023YSR Congress is becoming innovative to evade shame in losing MLC elections. TDP winning Uttarandhra, East Rayalaseema and West Rayalaseema is shaking the party. Here are some of those flip-flops and an explanation of how silly they are.

These are educated voters, YCP’s real strength is rural voters:

These voters are Graduates. That does not mean they are all rich. They can be from the families of the poor and middle class deriving the benefits of welfare schemes. YCP can ignore these results and can pay price in 2024.

TDP just won 3 out of the total 14 seats

TDP won seats that really mattered. Out of the fourteen seats, Seven are local bodies seats. The voters are YCP candidates of local bodies who won by brute force two years ago. TDP boycotted those elections. They can not reflect public opinion. YCP won two seats in Teachers’ constituencies by slender margins. TDP did not contest and extended support to PDF. Despite that, YCP only managed victory by bare-minimum margins. TDP and YSR Congress fairly contested only three Graduates seats, TDP won all three.

TDP helped by Communists and Janasena:

If YSR Congress say this is a reason for TDP’s win, they are admitting they will lose if there is an alliance of the Opposition in 2024. Is that the reason Jagan challenged Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan to come alone?

Uttarandhra-win due to the candidate, not TDP’s:

Elections are always won on the worth of the candidates and his/her parties. It is not TDP’s mistake if YSR Congress could not field a good candidate. If Uttarandhra’s win is due to the candidate, we have seen TDP winning both the seats in Rayalaseema.

Counting Malpractices:

YSR Congress is alleging that officials are adding YSR Congress and Invalid votes in TDP bundles in West Rayalaseema. This is nothing but a joke making such claims sitting in the Government. And what are the agents of YSR Congress doing in the counting centers?

There is a warning as if it is a writing on the wall. YSR Congress can choose to downplay it by searching for reasons. That attitude will help TDP even better. It is for Jagan to choose whatever he wants.