TDP TS Adhoc Committees - Telangana Telugu Desam PartyThe battered Telangana Telugu Desam Party is the first Political Party in the state to announced Ad Hoc committees to all the districts post the districts reorganization. TDP (TS) President L.Ramana announced the Adhoc Committee Conveners for all the districts a little while ago.

This is days ahead of the ruling party itself which is just unstoppable in the state politics right now. And then one look at the committees indicate that there are a lot of fresh faces more because the party was badly hit by the Operation Akarsha conducted by the ruling party.

However a major challenge awaits for the party to regroup its forces in all the districts and rejuvenate the cadre ahead of the 2019 elections. 2019 is a challenge of survival for the party. At this stage things do not look favourable but then some respectable results can only steer it out of the threat of getting totally eliminated.