TDP to shock Modi in Parliament?Couple of days ago, Congress had moved a Private Bill on Special Status of Andhra Pradesh. The main opposition party is keen on having voting on this bill. In case, the voting becomes imminent, TDP is planning to vote in favour of the bill sending a strong signal to the BJP led Central government.

This will also send a message to the people that TDP will not compromise on the interests of the state and it will also pressurize the central government. The discussion on the bill is not complete on Friday. The discussion will resume and if the member who introduced the bill asks, the house had to go for voting.

Congress have the majority in Rajya Sabha to get the bill passed. The voting may happen on Friday or next Friday. If the bill passes in Rajya Sabha, it will be a big embarrassment for BJP. Since the party will not support a bill tabled by a Congress MP, BJP’s double stance in regarding to the issues of AP will be exposed.