TDP to invite Modi for CBN's swearing-in ceremony!

Telugu Desam Party is gearing up to celebrate the swearing-in ceremony of Chandra Babu Naidu on a grand scale. Arrangements are on at ‘Yuvagharjana’ venue in Guntur for the event on June 8th. About five lakh people are expected to attend the event. The event will come as boost for Telugu Desam cadre who are depressed from the last 10 years with the party being out of power. And they are longing to celebrate it in style.

On the other side, Telugu Desam Party is planning to invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the event. It is said that TDP will send a formal invitation and also Chandra Babu will invite him personally when he go to Delhi to meet him in couple of days. Chandra Babu is hell bent on bringing Modi for the event as it will instill confidence in Seema Andhra people that Central government will stand by them in the hour of crisis.