Naidu-Fans-Divided-over-TDP-(TS)-and-Cong-Al-lianceTDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu left the decision of alliances to the leaders of TDP (TS). In a way, it is an indirect approval for their plans of alliance with Congress. In fact, that looks to be the only way for TDP (TS) to stand a chance to survive.

But then, there is a divided opinion in the party supporters about such an alliance. A section of supporters strictly opposes such an alliance since anti-Congress is the founding principle of TDP and moreover, such an alliance will have negative repercussions in Andhra Pradesh as well.

Moreover, the alliance stand no chance in Telangana which is not worth the risk, they feel. The other section says it is the only way for the party to survive. Further, that will also irk KCR and the Telangana Chief Minister will come after TDP once he is in Power by the time AP goes for elections.

TDP at most will get 20 odd seats as a part of alliance and by liberal estimates may win 10-15 seats. Naidu will have to decide if the risk is really worth. At the same time, Kumaraswamy experiences in Karnataka will be exciting him. Let us see what happens going further.