TDP Silently Begins A Secret But Very Imp Mission!Telugu Desam Party suspects YSR Congress to use its financial and ruling party muscle to remove the votes of its sympathizers in the constituencies.

Jagan after coming to power brought volunteer and secretariat systems for the last-mile delivery of services. That also means that they will have the data of every household.

Since these employees are appointed by the YSR Congress, they will naturally try to help YSR Congress in the elections.

So, voter list manipulation is very much possible, they believe.

TDP has started voter list verification by its booth-level committees.

The idea is to check up on the votes of its sympathizers once every two-three months to ensure they are present.

This exercise will go on until the elections. In case, the votes are deleted, the committee members will assist to reapply.

However, this started in around 90 constituencies only and will start in the remaining days to come. NTR Bhavan is getting reports of this on a regular basis.

This procedure is good but has to be made door to door. This will also ensure a connection with the voters directly.