r krishnaiah removed from tdpTelangana Telugu Desam Party seem to be in neck deep troubles. The party is already hit severely by the Telangana issue and later the defections in to the ruling party. The cycle party already lost most of its MLAs to KCR’s Akarsha program. Adding to its woes is the odd behavior of R.Krishnaiah.

In order to woo the BC votes in Telangana, Chandrababu Naidu announced BC Associations President, R.Krishnaiah as TDP’s CM candidate. Krishnaiah was fielded from LB Nagar and he won as MLA from there. But since then, Krishnaiah is staying loof from TDP affairs and is troubling the party in all possible by committing anti-party affairs.

He did not leave the party as other MLAs but troubled it in all possible ways staying within. However Chandrababu seem to have decided enough is enough. TDP today announced Sama Rangareddy as the incharge for LB Nagar. Usually incharges are kept for constituencies where there is no MLA from a party or if the sitting MLA jumped to other party. By doing it for LB Nagar, TDP seem to have taken a stand on R.Krishnaiah finally.