TDP Should Lose To Win Over YSR Congress A majority of Exit Polls predict BJP winning Uttar Pradesh – the Biggest State in the country. Naturally, it will be a big morale booster for BJP.

Given the bad blood between TDP and BJP after 2018 break-up, the Cycle party supporters would definitely want the reverse to happen. But they should happily take the Exit Poll results.

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Presidential election are up in June. If an election is imminent, the votes of MLAs and MPs of every state will be important.

If BJP loses UP, the biggest state in the country, it will need more of the support from non-NDA parties. That is where exactly YSR Congress would benefit given its absolute majority in AP Assembly and highest number of MP seats.

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The party can barter the support in exchange to CBI going slow in YS Viveka’s murder case and more elbow space to take further loans which can be used to splurge on freebies.

This is a situation which will be counterproductive for TDP. So it is better for the party to bear BJP winning so that it would not rely too much on YSR Congress in Presidential elections.

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It’s like TDP has to lose to BJP to win over YSR Congress

The counting for Uttar Pradesh assembly elections and four other states will happen on 10th of this month and the results will be out on the same day.