Ram Gopal VarmaRam Gopal Varma is known to be an eccentric man with wild opinions and controversial statements. He has recently come out of the closet and proved that he is a YSRCP supporter. He has been attacking Pawan Kalyan and TDP directly just like any other YCP leader.

Previously there used to be an opinion that he is just a troller and likes making controversial statements on Pawan Kalyan, but now it is clear that he is doing all the targetting based on an agenda that suits YS Jagan and his party.

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On Wednesday, Varma attended an event at Acharya Nagarjuna University in Guntur. And once again, he showed how insensitive and irresponsible he is.

While addressing a group of students at the University, he said that if you go to heaven after death, and if you find there is no Rambha and Urvashi, you will be disappointed. So it’s better to ‘enjoy’ your life here on earth like animals. He said that everyone should live as he wants. Everyone should drink, eat, and have uninhibited sex without caring what their teachers have taught.

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While the students were seen giving applause to his statements, the teachers and the management looked quite embarrassed to have invited him.

Telugu Desam party’s official Twitter handle took on RGV and posted, “Shameful and Disgusting! Maker of adult films and YSRCP follower RGV was called over as chief guest at an event hosted by Acharya Nagarjuna University. What is the message the Vice Chancellor wants to send to the students?”

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RGV’s comments, and that too at an educational institution, are causing outrage from people on and off social media. People are bashing him for trying to pollute the young and impressionable minds of young students.