TDP Senior Leader Meets Ramoji Rao!The morale of the TDP troops has multiplied after the super success of the recently held Mahanadu. They are ever so eager about the forthcoming Andhra Pradesh elections now.

Incidentally, TDP senior leader, Dhulipalla Narendra met with Eenadu Publications supremo, Ramoji Rao earlier today.

Dhulipalla took to Twitter to share a snap of himself alongside Ramoji Rao. “Had a formal meeting with Eenadu chief Ramoji Rao garu today,” the TDP senior captioned the photo.

Notably, even Eenadu has been vigorously attacking the YCP government for the past few months. Amidst the spike in the confidence of TDP supporters following the Mahanadu, this meeting between TDP senior Dhulipalla and Ramoji Rao has become a hot topic.