YS Jagan - Chandrababu NaiduThe social media supporters of the Telugu Desam Party have redeemed themselves quickly after the 2019 rout and stood like a rock to help the party. They were able to counter the ruling party perfectly on social media and it is evident that a part of that goes to ground zero as well.

However, the social media supporters do have an Achilles heel as well. Most of these supporters have their interests in film stars as well and that interest often comes in their way. The other day, a discussion has started on social media about Minister Kodali Nani.

Nani is often very critical and abusive of TDP. Someone has expressed his disappointment about the Late Harikrishna and NTR promoting Nani in the early parts of his political career. And hell broke loose with that and NTR fans are on a rampage revenge mode on TDP.

This is one unnecessary topic coming over again and again disturbing the fabric of the TDP ecosystem on social media. If NTR is wrong in promoting Nani, what about many leaders prompted by Chandrababu Naidu who was now in YSR Congress and making similar comments. Nani is not the one who hopped from TDP to YSR Congress.

Getting divided into these lines is nothing but playing into the hands of YSR Congress. The sooner TDP supporters realize the better it is for them and the party.