TDP MP Jayadev Galla Busts The Popular Myth With A Slap-Like Speech There is a popular notion that the MPs of Andhra Pradesh these days are Businessmen and they could not exert pressure on the Central Government regarding the promises made to Andhra Pradesh to safeguard their business interests.

But then, Businessman MP Jayadev Galla busted the myth with a smashing speech in Parliament today. Jayadev Galla read out a well-researched speech debunking the lies of handholding with perfect numbers and facts.

People on social media are also mighty impressed with the speech and it went viral winning the appreciation of one and all. Jayadev did not mince words calling Spade a Spade and clarified that People of AP are no fools to believe the lies being peddled.

He also let out a warning to the Center reminding them elections are round the corner. There is a huge silence from the treasury benches as Jayadev Galla ripped them apart. On the other side, Kakinada MP Thota Narasimham also made a very good speech about the problems being faced by Andhra Pradesh.