TDP-MLA-Amanchi-Krishna-Mohan-to-Join-JanasenaChirala MLA Amanchi Krishna Mohan has won the last elections as an Independent and later joined the Telugu Desam Party. Buzz is that Amanchi has failed to get any promise from Chandrababu regarding the party ticket in the next elections.

And so, the MLA is thinking along the lines to join Janasena in the coming elections and contest on that party ticket. Sources say that he may join the party during Pawan Kalyan’s Prakasam district tour which may happen towards the end of the year.

If Janasena wants to hit TDP psychologically, the joining may happen soon. If it happens, it will be the first high-profile joining in Janasena from any party. Amanchi Krishna Mohan belongs to the same community as Pawan Kalyan and this move is targeting the caste voters in his constituency.