TDP_ JrNTRThe Telugu Desam Party troops now have a new pic that they can cherish as a TDP youngster is seen in a candid picture with Jr NTR.

The say TDP man is J Asmith Reddy, who is the son of TDP veteran JC Prabhakar Reddy.

In the new click, we see Asmith Reddy alongside Jr NTR and the latter’s wife Lakshmi Pranathi. This is presumably from NTR’s private party on the occasion of Pranathi’s birthday on the 26th of March.

Asmith Reddy’s Nikhila Reddy is also seen in the party as the young couple from the JC household is having some gala time with NTR and his wife.

These pics are being extensively reshared by NTR and TDP troops as they are in liking of the rapport between TDP youngster Asmith Reddy and the Nandamuri hero.

Asmith had previously contested from Tadipatri constituency in 2019 elections and lost from there.