TDP Flag Jenda Janasena Flag Alliance 2024Janasena President Pawan Kalyan had almost confirmed the alliance with TDP. He just fell short of announcing it officially. His indirect hint triggered a discussion on media and social media.

There are discussions already about the seat sharing between both parties. While TDP and Janasena can be a winning combination, it is important that they get the seat sharing right.
Janasena may have to be accomodative once again if the purpose of the alliance should succeed. Realistically, TDP should not contest in less than 150 seats if the coalition has to defeat Jagan.

TDP can not afford to give more than 15-20 seats to Janasena and that too only if the party can field capable candidates. In MP seats, it will be 2-3. TDP should also do electioneering on the behalf of Janasena.

On Janasena’s party, TDP should ensure that these 15 seats should be from the strongholds of Janasena and it is the responsibility of the Cycle party to ensure Pawan Kalyan’s candidates win.

Such an arrangement can be a win-win situation. For this to happen, both the parties should keep their egos aside and work together.

It will be a temporary sacrifice for Janasena but it will be much better than going alone or with BJP and struggle to open account once again.