TDP Invests Time & Money On Dead Space!Telugu Desam Party after that humiliating defeat in 2019 elections, is trying to get back to Power in the next elections. It has significantly improved on social media but there are many other areas, the party would like to improve.

The other day, the party has announced starting a new e-paper. The idea is to reach the paper written in Telugu to the cadre to give them inputs about the points that needed to be taken into the people. But then, this seems to be a not so impressive idea.

This is the age of social media. It is all about audio and visual for the people these days. Mediums like YouTube, SnapChat, TikTok etc have become important for political propaganda. TDP’s presence in those mediums is almost zero.

Efforts should be on that space than on these unproductive things. Newspapers these days are losing readers. A vast percentage of people could not even read Telugu (unfortunate) and many of the remaining do not find time to read.

So, the e-paper is a dead space even the fans will agree. Also, it is an even bad idea to fill the Newspaper with the statements of the party’s Spokespersons!