TDP Goes Deficit, YSRCP In SurplusYSR Congress is the first party in the country that does not spend the donations it received while TDP has spent more than what it has received.

The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) released the figures based on revenue figures submitted by the parties to the Central Election Commission for the financial year 2020-21.

While YSR Congress received donations of Rs 107.89 crore this financial year, the party spent only Rs 80 lakh.

In the same year, TDP received donations of Rs 3.25 crore and spent Rs 54.76 crore (1,584.16% excess expenditure).

TRS had a revenue of Rs 37.65 crore and spent Rs 22.34 crore.

YSR Congress has received the second-highest donations among regional parties in the country with DMK being the first.

YSR Congress received the highest amount of donations through electoral bonds (96.25 Crore). These bonds have become controversial because the details of the donors are kept secret.