TDP Giving Up On Janasena Constituencies?There have been rumors for a long time that TDP and Janasena will go for an alliance. Both sides have hinted about alliance but nothing has been official yet.

We do not know if the alliance is locked but TDP is already cooperating with Janasena in some constituencies where it is strong.

In Godavari districts where Janasena is strong, TDP is almost in a hibernation state in constituencies like Bhimavaram, Narasapuram, and Razole.

There is a strong buzz that Pawan Kalyan may contest once again from the Bhimavaram constituency in 2024 as well. Razole is the only constituency where Janasena won in 2019.

It is interesting to note that Narasapuram has a strong leadership for Janasena in the form of Bommidi Nayakar. Janasena is still in search of a candidate in Razole.

TDP intentionally diluted the party in these constituencies by deactivating the cadre and incharges. The party is in the third position in all these constituencies.

In the 2019 elections, TDP has come third in all three seats. In 2014, TDP has won all three seats comfortably.

But then, this approach can be very dangerous if TDP and Janasena alliance do not happen.

In case there is an alliance, these seats will be obviously given to Janasena. But in the opposite case, TDP will find it very difficult.

There are similar seats in other districts as well where TDP is having an understanding with Janasena.

But then, in those districts, TDP is not sure about Janasena winning chances and so, is maintaining its strength. In such a case, there will be no problems even if there is no alliance.