TDP gets a name change in TelanganaTelugu Desam Party’s Telangana wing is facing its worst ever crisis due to the ongoing defections from the party to TRS. The party is facing a question of existence after 12 of the 15 MLAs were recognized as TRS MLAs in the Assembly. The party had decided to bring in some changes to change its fortune.

Until now, the party in referred to Telangana TDP, but the party sent a press release to media requesting not to call the party as Telangana TDP or T-TDP. They asked to be referred as TDP (TS). TS referring to Telangana State. Media Cell incharge, LVSRK Prasad informed the change to media.

In the past, parties like NTR TDP, Anna Telugu Desam have cropped up and failed miserably in the public front. Leaders of the opinion any prefix before Telugu Desam Party will not bring luck and so have made this change. Lets see if that helps the party which is only left with three MLAs in the state.