Chandrababu-Naidu-TDP-Geo-Tagging-VotersIn Chandrababu Naidu’s Kuppam constituency, the local TDP cadre started a geo-tagging program for voters. Chandrababu Naidu is carrying out extensive geo-tagging and verification of voter details under the leadership of leaders and workers in Kuppam.

There are about 75 thousand families in the Shantipuram, Kuppam, Gudupalle, and Ramakuppam Mandals of the constituency and the party ranks are carrying out geo-tagging of voters in every house on a war footing.

While there are 2,18,933 voters in the four Mandals, the cadre is geo-tagging the voters at the village level after checking the details in the voter lists, details of the voters in the residential houses and related families.

A special app has been created for the registration of voter details. Active leaders and cadre at the Panchayat and village level are downloading the app on their phones and are geo-tagging the voters. in their respective caravans and doing geo-tagging.

They are entering details like -How many voters are there in those families? Are they all staying in the same house? Are you staying elsewhere?

With these details and geo-tagging, there is no chance of tampering with the voter list by the ruling party. Chandrababu himself is monitoring the exercise. Key leaders of the constituency, Mandal in-charges, cluster, and unit in-charges are actively participating in registering the details of voters and families with special attention.

Very soon, the same will be implemented across all the constituencies of the state.