TDP Finds An Answer For Kodali Nani & RojaAll the while, YCP’s Kodali Nani and Roja made it a habit to use harsh language against TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu and Nara Lokesh. Now, TDP has found an answer to Nani and Roja’s slander.

Senior TDP leader Anam Venkata Ramana Reddy has emerged as the new firebrand leader for TDP and he is getting the job done. He isn’t quite as abusive as Nani and Roja, but his sarcastic comments on the YCP government are going viral on social media.

Not so long ago, Anam mocked the YCP government over 10th class results. “CM Jagan made a few kids sit in front of him and made them speak in US accent to give an impression that he has revamped education system. The end result is that AP didn’t even report 70% pass percentage in class 10 results.”

Now, Anam mocked Jagan over his recent Davos trip. “Jagan went to Davos recently and got himself humiliated there. When the interviewer asked the question, he didn’t understand it one bit, and then replied ‘it is a lengthy question’. Meaning, he doesn’t have a clue on how to answer it.” It isn’t just the comments, but the funny tone and sarcastic demeanor Anam uses to mock YCP that is attracting netizens.

While Nani, Roja, and other YCP firebrands are often abusive, Anam takes a sarcastic approach.