Nara- Lokesh - Chandrababu Naidu-TDPAfter that historical defeat in the recent Andhra Pradesh Elections, Telugu Desam Party supporters have something to cheer finally. The party has completed ignored and underestimated the Power of Social Media while in Power. The party supporters repeatedly brought that to the notice of high command but to of no use.

It took the worst-ever defeat in the history of TDP to make them realize. The party high command has completely revamped the Social Media Strategy of TDP. It is evident from the aggressive tweets of Nara Lokesh and TDP handles for the past three days.

All such tweets are almost getting 10 times more traction when compared to the tweets before the election. The party supporters are happy that they woke up at least now. But then, this is just a start and there is a lot to be done on various social media platforms.

Also, TDP should channelize the energies of the social media supporters to corner the government like how YSR Congress did in the last five years. Jagan Mohan Reddy after becoming the Chief Minister tweeted acknowledging the role of social media supporters in the party’s victory. That signifies the importance of Social Media in Politics.