Vasantha_Venkata_Krishna_Prasad_VolunteersThe village volunteers system is one of the flagship programs of the YCP government and the party says there’s no political intentions behind this large scale initiative.

However the latest comment from YCP Mylavaram MLA, Vasantha Krishna Prasad reveals the real intentions of YCP behind this volunteer system.

“We gave the volunteers posts to a few of TDP supporters with the hope that they might change their stance. A few did and most didn’t. I’m asking the local leadership now to identify TDP favouring volunteers. We will see to it that TDP supporters will be removed as volunteers” the MLA said.

The MLA adds that YCP doesn’t want to see TDP supporters in volunteer posts and he warned them of serious consequences if they don’t switch loyalties towards YCP.

This has led to a comment that YCP is using government’s money to pay these volunteers but they’re still seeing them as their party’s workers.