TDP's Confidence Leaves YSR Congress Supporters ShakenPoliticians will be spending a lot of time, money, and energy during the Election Season. Most of the times, they are themselves aware of their result going by the voting pattern and booth-wise analysis. So, the losing politicians will obviously lock themselves in their houses and shy away from the public and media.

TDP leaders are on a roll ever since the polling is complete. Chandrababu Naidu led the delegation of the current MPs and the MP contestants to Delhi to complain to the Election Commission about the EVM Malfunctioning. Pictures of them are in social media. Many other MLA contestants have also come before media.

The look on their faces does not indicate that they are fearing defeat which is causing new doubts in the minds of YSR Congress supporters. Even though they are confident about their victory, they are shaken by the confidence of the TDP leaders. They are well aware that they are similarly confident in 2014 and the result is known to all.

We are still around 40 days away from the results day in Andhra Pradesh. This is the first time there is so much of wait for the results in Andhra Pradesh as it is the first time elections have happened here in the first phase. May 23rd is the counting day. Exit Polls are also expected only on May 19th evening after the conclusion of final phase elections.