Chandrababu NaiduTelugu Desam Party is leaving no stone unturned for the forthcoming elections as the party is determined to get back to power at any cost in 2024.

Now, TDP is bringing in a new system in order to get closer to the voters. The party is on course to appoint a party representative for every 30 families in Andhra Pradesh.

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The job of the representative is to take TDP’s motto and manifesto into the deeper roots of the common public and clearly demonstrate how TDP will enhance the social infrastructure if they come to power in 2024.

The representative will also collect date from the public and deliver the same to the TDP high command through digital mediums. This is to estimate the anti incumbency on the YCP government which will greatly help TDP in next elections.

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This system is to take TDP’s manifesto deep into the public and also assess the possible voting patterns in the next election.

It is known that TDP has already appointed a clusters incharge for every 25,000 votes in the states, a unit incharge for every 5000 votes, and a booth incharge for every 1000 votes. The above system is expected to boost the party’s prospects further.

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