errabelli dayakar rao kishan reddyThe result of Warangal by-elections will depress the BJP-TDP combine in Telangana. The party’s candidate came a distant third and also lost his deposit in the election. This election result once again brings back the doubts on the TDP-BJP alliance’s survival in the newest state of the country. While it can not be known which party is damaging the other, there are things for both the parties that other party is becoming a burden for them.

BJP feels that TDP is being seen as an Andhra Party in Telangana and friendship with such party is depriving them the benefit of helping Telangana bill pass in the Parliament. There are people who say Telangana people did not help Congress which actually put up the bill and forget about those who helped it.

On the other side, TDP sees BJP as big hindrance. The saffron party with out the ground level cadre and setup is being over ambitious and is even contesting the seats which they do not have a candidate and in the process killing TDP’s chances too. The best example is Warangal where the party imported its candidate from USA just a month ahead of the election. With these problems, we will have to see how the alliance sustains in the long run!

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