TDP-BJP-Alliance-To-End-Where-It-All-StartedTDP and BJP addressed a joint Public Meeting on April 30th, 2014 wherein the then Prime Minister Candidate of BJP, Narendra Modi promised Special Status for Andhra Pradesh right at the feet of Lord Venkateswara Swamy.

On the same day after four years, TDP is planning to host a public meeting to highlight the “empty promises” made to people of the State by Narendra Modi. This meeting will kick-start a massive campaign against the BJP from Tirupati. It will be final nail in the coffin for TDP and BJP relations.

At the meeting in 2014, Narendra Modi had assured the people that the BJP, if voted to power, would not only grant the Special Category Status but also extend the facility for 10 years.It will be followed by several Public meetings in all the districts.

We have already seen Chandrababu Naidu screening the videos of Modi’s Speeches in the State Assembly and also to the National Media in Delhi. This is a new form of offense by TDP. The party’s electoral fortunes will depend on making BJP a villain in the issue.