Narendra-Modi-Chandrababu-NaiduNational media is fully abuzz with speculations about the alliance of TDP and BJP. Last night, Republic TV, perceived as the voice of BJP also aired the same news.

If at all, the alliance materializes, this will be a big surprise given the bitter fight both parties indulged in.

The major challenge for Chandrababu Naidu in this alliance will be how he would convince the people that an earlier demon is now needed. If not handled probably, it will bring credibility issues.

Also, this is not going to be an easy task. This is the social media age and it is not easy to convince people that simple.

It is also the case with BJP as well which made ridiculous allegations on Naidu.

Also, it is important to rein in BJP and confine it to a smaller number of seats so that YSR Congress can not run over those seats easily. This will be very tricky.

The vote transfer between both the parties and the people’s mandate will happen only when that narrative is convincing.

BJP would not bring many votes to TDP but it would get the support of the Central Government which would give it an edge in the election.

The YSR Congress government which troubled TDP leaders all these years would think twice before doing that. It is very important the leaders get that confidence during the elections.

The back support of BJP in 2019 elections made a big difference between both the parties.

BJP will also have its share of problems with this alliance.

In Telangana, BJP, for the first time in its history is smelling a chance to come to power.

If there is an alliance with TDP, it will make things easy for KCR to use the ‘Andhra – Telangana’ plank like how he did in 2018.

But BJP will be looking at 23 seats of Telangana where TDP sympathizers can tilt the balance in their favour.

That means the alliance will be tricky for both the parties and has to be handled very carefully.

So, it has to be seen how both parties handle this alliance if at all, these reports are true.