TDP Begins Well-organized 'Operation Kodali Nani'Telugu Desam Party has taken the Gudivada election seriously. They are determined to defeat the sitting MLA Kodali Nani at any cost. NRI Venigandla Ramu is expecting the TDP ticket.

Venigandla Ramu does medical consultancy business in the United States. His wife is an SC and her father is a prominent pastor and a big name in the churches in the local area.

That means the boxes are checked for the Kamma, SC, and Christian minority votes who are a strong support to Nani.

Ramu started the groundwork in the constituency. Costly sarees are being distributed to women in all the churches of the constituency. There are 300 churches in the constituency and sarees are already distributed in 143 churches.

In each church, 200 women are given the saree box and each saree is worth 1500 Rupees.

He formed committees in various villages to oversee all this. He is planning to start Anna Canteen and medical camps on the 26th of this month. TDP in-charge Raavi Venkateswara Rao is also planning Semi-Christmas celebrations and is distributing sarees.

Meanwhile, a startled Kodali Nani is also planning Christmas celebrations on a grand scale to do the damage control.