TDP begins Operation 'Eliminate Vijaya Sai ReddyThe election for four vacant Rajya Sabha seats of Andhra Pradesh will happen in May. According to the numbers, TDP should get three and YSR Congress one from these four. About 42 MLAs votes are needed for one seat in the first round. TDP-BJP combine has 106 MLAs. They will also have the support of eight MLAs who recently defected from YSR Congress.

With those defections, YSR Congress strength is dropped from 67 to 59. If TDP manages to bring more MLAs out from the party, it stands chance to win the seat with second and third preference votes. The party is confident of getting the support of 30 MLAs before the Rajya Sabha elections.

Since the parties can not issue whip in these elections, the defected MLAs will have no problem. TDP is planning to field a ‘Businessman’ for this fourth seat who can convince YSR Congress MLAs to vote for TDP. YSR Congress on the other side, is most likely to field Vijaya Sai Reddy for the seat.