TDP Begins A Crucial Survey In APTelugu Desam Party has got some favorable results in the recent local elections. There are indications of anti-incumbency on the Ruling Party and it is only half of the ongoing term. The anti-incumbency will only increase from here and TDP believes it has got a real chance by the time of 2024.

One factor that is concerning TDP is the lethargic leadership in the constituency and the cadre has no one to lead. That is the reason for the bad results in some constituencies. TDP has commissioned a survey to identify the non-performing leaders.

The Survey teams have reached the districts and are talking to cadre, local leaders, and local experts to find the performance of the leaders. The leaders will be rated on various factors like their availability to the cadre, money power, participation in various Party activities etc.

All these findings will be accumulated and the top leadership will be apprised of the condition in various constituencies. Accordingly Party incharges will be changed in some places if necessary. The plan is to finalize the incharges and most likely these incharges will be the candidates for 2024.

That will give them enough time to work with the cadre and the people to become strong by 2024. This is actually a good idea and exercise if it is executed perfectly.