TDP Chandrababu naidu kadapaSensing anti-incumbency, the Opposition Telugu Desam Party seems to be becoming optimistic and is working hard for the upcoming elections. The party’s condition in Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy‘s own district, Kadapa is an indication of TDP regrouping.

In the Municipal Elections that happened a few months ago, the party only contested in 92 wards of the total 257 wards that went for elections. This time things are drastically different. Kamalapuram and Rajampet municipalities are going for elections now.

TDP is contesting in all the 49 wards that are going for elections. The party leaders are also taking the elections seriously and are campaigning hard. Irrespective of the result, TDP will take this as a positive. If the party cadre and leaders are active, the results will automatically come.

If this is the case with CM’s own district where TDP is a lot better, things will be much better in other areas. Rejuvenated Opposition combined with anti-incumbency can be a deadly combination.