TDP and YSR Congress Manifestos Become Debt Sheets of AP

TDP and YSR Congress Manifestos Become Debt Sheets of APTDP and YSR Congress Parties have released the Manifestos Today on the occasion of Ugadi today. Both the parties have competed against each other in dolling out sops to each and every section of the society. Farmers and Women seem to be the biggest beneficiaries as both the parties try their level best to come to Power.

Regardless of who will be winning the election, it is a fact that the ruling party will have a very tough time living up to their promises and will ensure that the state goes bankrupt to implement their promises. YSR Congress went a step ahead and promised Liquor Prohibition in phases.

Liquor Sale is one of the biggest revenue sources for the Government and these promises after the Prohibition will be just a joke. For that very reason, YSR Congress intelligently added Prohibition in Phases and we can safely assume that the Phases will never be complete. Keeping aside all this, we can only question if the Politicians have led people into these mindless dolls or People themselves compelled the politicians to take the route to come to Power.

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