TDP Janasena Alliance 2024 ElectionsThere has been a lot of discussion about if TDP and Janasena will ally and go for elections together in 2024. TDP is tight-lipped about any such plans and Janasena for now, is with BJP only. But then, both the parties are working together on ground.

We have seen them working together in recent local elections. They are once again allying for the upcoming leftover local elections in places where both the parties working together can checkmate the Ruling YSR Congress. For an instance, they have finalized seat-sharing in Akiveedu Panchayat.

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In the twenty wards of this Panchayat, TDP will be contesting in fifteen and Janasena will be in the fray in remaining five. The Panchayat will most likely go their way. Talks are on in the remaining places as well. Probably, this friendship is going to be replicated at state level as well in 2024.

The only question that remains is if BJP will be a part of this alliance or not. But then some people such friendships are common in local elections and can not be assumed as an alliance in the larger perspective. An alliance with right direction and at right time can make them a formidable force.

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