TDP and BJP alliance doubtful
The much talked about alliance between old friends, Telugu Desam Party and Bharatiya Janata Party is becoming doubtful as days passed. BJP repeatedly making it clear that it is committed to support Telangana Bill. Once the bill is passed TDP will find it difficult to show common ground for alliance to Seema Andhra people. The anger on Congress and BJP will turn on to TDP too if the Telangana state becomes a reality.

TDP is not in a position to sacrifice its interests in Seema Andhra region for the 2-3 MPs that might come in Telangana due to alliance with BJP. Chandra Babu already made it clear to BJP high command that alliance will take place only if T bill is not passed in Parliament.

Alliance with TDP is important for BJP as Chandra Babu has the power to lobby more coalition partners to NDA in order to meet the magic figure. On the otherside, BJP government if formed will be of more help to TDP if not voted to power. The party is in deep financial crisis as it is out of power for the last two terms.