TDP @ 40: Cadre Proved To Be Better Than ChandrababuIf one has the habit of scrolling the district editions of Newspaper, today they will be surprised with the papers filed with the reports of TDP @ 40 celebrations.

Normally, such events when a party is in Opposition after a bitter defeat will be a low-key affair. Due to the same reason, we do not have a big celebration in Andhra Pradesh.

Lokesh did a bike rally in Mangalagiri while Chandrababu addressed a gathering in NTR Bhavan, Hyderabad.

With elections two years to go and with a government that waits for opportunity to disrupt such events, Chandrababu may have decided not to take a risk.

But then, when the energy of the leadership is not up to the mark, the cadre rose up to the occasion.

There were celebrations – small or big in every village, Mandal, and towns across Andhra Pradesh.

There are occasions where the cadre pushed the local leaders, in-charges to participate actively in these celebrations and at the end, they paid a fitting tribute to the party on the big occasion.

This enthusiasm of the cadre with elections still two years to go is a welcome sign for TDP.

But the attitude of the leadership and party in charges still needs to change.