eHang 184 - Taxis with Wings!- Dubai PursuitAsk anyone in India what would they not do to get rid of the hectic traffic. Of course, not just the Indians, everyone would want to avoid traffic and reach their destinations at the earliest. Dubai has got a solution for the issue. Flying taxis.

Dubai is going to introduce self-operational flying drones which deliver the passenger to their destination via air. These drones are Made in China and called eHang 184 which cost around 200,000 – 300,000 US dollars and would be set on the air in July as sources say. Dubai would be the first city in the world to launch flying taxis.

The drone is an electrically charged vehicle and can fly up to 30 minutes in the air. The drone doesn’t need any external operation except that the passenger needs to select their destination on the touch screen provided.

Once the destination is set, the drone operates itself and transports the passenger to the selected destination. Hope these drones come into operation in our country too.