Target Atchannaidu Kinjarapu for YSR Congress GovernmentPandemonium took place in Andhra Pradesh Assembly after the Opposition Party, TDP has asked Speaker to allow Achennaidu to Speak in the house on their behalf on the Budget. The Speaker agreed but as Atchennaidu started speaking, Speaker Tammineni Sitaram told him to confine himself to the Subject and finish quickly.

“I am coming to the Subject or else you can write and give me. I shall read it out,” the former Minister said. For that Speaker has taken objection. “You tell me and I will read it here. What are you talking? Are you thinking this is a market?” Speaker Tammineni Sitaram fired.

Later Speaker asked Opposition Leader Chandrababu Naidu if he supports the statement of Atchennaidu. Chandrababu Naidu clarified that he does not endorse the statement of Atchennaidu but the house cannot proceed in order if the ruling party does not co-operate.

Later in the name of Atchennaidu insulting the Speaker, the Ruling Party MLAs unleashed an attack on the former Minister. Perni Nani accused that Tekkali constituency people are feeling a lot for voting for Atchennaidu. TDP has severely objected to this statement but Chief Whip Srikanth Reddy also came in support of Perni Nani. It looks like YSR Congress is targeting Atchennaidu who is almost like the voice of TDP in the Assembly.