Taraka RatnaTDP’s Nara Lokesh kickstarted his Padayatra from Kuppam today. He was accompanied by Balakrishna, Tarakaratna and scores of TDP top-level leaders and supporters. But shortly after the start of the Yatra, an unforeseen situation emerged and led to panic.

Tarakaratna fainted and fell shortly after Lokesh’s Yatra started. He was immediately rushed to a hospital in Kuppam for preliminary treatment.

The hospital staff stated that Tarakaratna was bought to the hospital without any pulse and added that his body had turned blue. After extensive life-saving treatment for 45 minutes, his pulse got back, and started to recover.

Angiogram was performed for Taraka Ratna and it was identified that he suffered a mild heart stroke. Doctors put a stent in his heart. A chopper was engaged to fly him to Hyderabad or Bengaluru if needed.

Balakrishna is currently at the hospital and assessing the condition based on the communication from the medical team tending to Tarakaratna. He is likely to be shifted to Bangalore soon for enhanced treatment.

The latest news is that Tarakaratna is recovering well and there’s nothing to worry about. He is said to have suffered severe dehydration and was also impacted by the physical movement caused by huge crowds. He had been touring restlessly for last 4 days and that added to the complexity.

For now, Tarakarantna is recovering well and once he is shifted to Bangalore, he is likely to recover fully. As for Lokesh, he is continuing on the Yatra and he is expected to cover over 8.5 KMs on the first day. He will walk a total of 4000 KMs across Andhra Pradesh in 400 days.