Tanishq Jewelers Robbery just for sensationalism!
Robbery in Tanishq Jewelers, Panjagutta became a sensation across the state after 23 Crore worth jewellery was looted. The mastermind behind the robbery, Kiran and 4 others today surrendered themselves to Police. Kiran admitted to police that he just robbed the shop to create a sensation and become talking point in people. Kiran is an unemployed youth from Eepuru, Guntur district. He wanted to contest as President of his village but was not given a chance.

He also said “If I am a thief for one day, our politicians are thieves for 5 years. Given a chance, I wanted to clean the system, society and Politics”. The police first doubted if Kiran is speaking the truth. But the looted jewelry was later recovered from a house in Rasoolpura. Kiran and four other were arrested and Police are investigating them.