Tamil Nadu Govt Resorts to Cheap Politics Over Karunanidhi's DeathPolitics have taken a new low in Tamil Nadu after Tamil Nadu Government rejected the permit for the final rites of Karunanidhi at Marina Beach where former Chief Minister and Dravida Movement Leader Anna Durai was laid to rest.

The Government rejected the Proposal saying that there are legal cases about Memorials at Marina Beach even though it is known to everyone that the government is trying arm-twist the rival party. DMK knocked the high court at the stroke of midnight.

A two-Judge bench, HG Ramesh, and Justice SS Sundar heard the case and ruled in favor of Kalaignar getting a spot along Marina. The final rites of Karunanidhi are expected to take place this evening. On the other side, there are reports that Tamil Nadu Government will knock the door of the Supreme Court against the High Court Order.